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Despite making enough money, most people struggle to sustain & protect their hard earned wealth, let alone making it grow to attain long-term goals. They employ trial & error investment strategies trying to pick the next hot stock or mutual fund.

Every successful investment strategy depends on three critical factors : goals, time horizon & risk tolerance. You need an investment advisor who will take time to understand you through a detailed profiling exercise and design a investment strategy/plan as unique as you are.

Just as successful athletes have a plan and strategy in place to achieve success over the long run with the help of a coach, so do successful investors with the help of an experienced Investment Advisor.

Understanding You

Our investment process begins with spending a lot of time with the client - understanding client needs, past experiences in investing, professional & family background. This is key to deliver a sustainable investment strategy & Solutions that is specific to the client

Investment Plan

A comprehensive client profiling is conducted considering Risk Appetite, Investment Horizon, Long-term Goals, Liquidity requirement, Cash Flow needs & Return Expectations. This helps in understanding client more objectively & complexity of the scope. Further, this enables us in drawing up a detailed financial plan which becomes a blue print for all future strategies & advice.

Portfolio Construction

Our specialists using their vast experience would determine an appropriate Asset Allocation for clients basis the client profiling document. A combination of Strategic and Tactical Allocation Strategies would be used to construct portfolios across various asset classes such as Debt, Equity, Structures, Commodities & International markets. This activity also involves exploring & evaluating alternative strategies and executing transactions.

Portfolio Review

Our team continuously tracks & monitors client portfolios across asset classes & products. The review is comprehensive & detailed with a view to ensure investment performance of overall portfolio vis benchmarks, product performance, changes in asset allocation & rebalancing requirements. 

Challenging questions entrepreneurs face today:

  • How can I sustain & preserve my family's wealth ?
  • Where & When should I invest ?
  • How should I diversify across various asset classes ?
  • Are equities safe to Invest or should I invest most of my savings in real estate ?
  • What are the returns I can expect and the risks that I face ?
  • How long should I hold to my investments ?
  • What happens if the Economy slows or markets crash ?
  • What are the tax implications ?

....and many other questions.


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