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Plug into our Model Portfolios for Consistent Outperformance with Low Volatility

Having managed Multi Asset Class portfolios in excess of $1 Billion for wide range of clients - HNIs, Ultra HNIs & Institutions across several market cycles, we understand the importance of a scientific approach to building & managing client assets. There are several elements that are critical to such a systematic approach - one of them is to build Model Portfolios for various client categories.


Model Portfolios are a result of exhaustive research & and derivative of hundreds of parametres including Macroeconomic Factors, Sector Dynamics, Corporate performance Indicators, Interest Rate Cycles & Yield Curves among others.

These portfolios are broad indicators for ideal portfolio allocations and are further customised if required depending on customer needs & expectations.


Asset allocation strategies combined with Model Portfolios are extremely powerful tools that help navigate volatile markets and profit from such volatility over the long term. Such tools are highly essential in ensuring movement toward client specific goals & targets.


Considering that there are more than 1000 Mutual Fund schemes & hundreds of categories of Funds amongst various asset classes it is even more essential today than ever before to have a structured yet nimble approach to building a Mutual Fund Portfolio.


Our model portfolio's are designed to fulfill a broad spectrum of client requirements:

  • Fixed Income with regular cash Flows
  • Pure Growth of Capital
  • Capital Protection
  • A Blend of Growth & Income
  • Target Based Portfolios
  • Retirement Orientation


Our Model Portfolios are broadly categorised into 3 Core Strategies and further curated as required.

Growth Model Portfolios
(Aggressive Risk Profile)
  • Growth Strategies Offering
  • Core Allocations
  • International & Alternatives
Balanced Model Portfolios
( Moderate Risk Profile)
  • Growth Strategies
  • Income Oriented
  • Core - Low Volatility
Income Model Portfolio
( Conservative Risk Profile)
  • Fixed Income Strategies
  • Cash Flow Orientation
  • Stability

Looking for a quick health check on your existing portfolio?

Investors may connect with us if :

  • Risk Profiler & Asset Allocation Strategy not completed
  • Portfolio is not being tracked regularly
  • Too many funds in Portfolio
  • Not happy with Portfolio Performance
  • Frequent Portfolio Turnover (more than once a year)
  • Do not understand a Fund or a Fund Category
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